When is the Best Time to Buy Lawn Mowers

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Having a lawn mower is very handy for homeowners with a garden or yard that must be maintained. However, buying a lawn mower could be a daunting task for many homeowners who are unsure of the model that is most suited to their mowing needs and maintenance.

Moreover, there is a particular season for buying a lawn mower to enjoy the best deals in town just like any item to be purchased. Impulsive buying does not augur well with homeowners as there would be regret later.  Buying any unit of lawn mower must be at the right time and place to enjoy more savings and benefits.

Best Seasons for Purchase

It is noted that the market offers various seasons for buying a lawn mower as there would be different offers and pricings on different models. There are seasonal promotions that the manufacturer or vendor may farm out to clear their excess stock. Some companies may practice a seasonal sale program to maintain their production dynamics over the year.

Certain lawn mower manufacturing companies exercise lean manufacturing of these mowing machines to ensure a consistently high quality that offers good performance and efficiency. Hence, these companies are not adversely impacted by surplus stock like other companies without a proper stock management program or system.

Buying a lawn mower takes more than intuition as the best shopping season could bring in more benefits to buyers. The market has plenty of resources to assist mower buyers in securing the best deal.

Consumer Reports claims that the best seasons for buying a lawn mower would be in April and May as well as August through October. Many consumers normally buy at the end of the mowing season and many mower companies tend to clear their seasonal stock. If consumers are firm with the type of mower preferred, they could check out the websites of these manufacturers and dealers for the best deal in town.

Alternatively, consumers could opt into the company’s mailing list for special offers or promotions to enjoy more benefits. They would be the first to know about special prices on their preferred mowers to make an immediate purchase before the news is released to the general market.

Some mower companies may exercise the coupon code program or system that benefits potential business customers by receiving attractive percentage discounts on their preferred mower models at any time of the year.

Special Circumstances for Purchase

A smart consumer would always be alert to what the market offers to gain the highest benefits available. There may be other circumstances or situations that may come along to have consumers pick up a good deal on a lawn mower purchase. The best time for buying a lawn mower might be the golden opportunity for a great deal regardless of the season. Some companies may just throw out a couple of models as part of their dynamic marketing tactics to create brand awareness. These are usually limited-time-only offers which only the alert consumers would pick up.

If the mower breaks down, the consumer will not have the luxury of getting the best deal in town to come when the mowing operation must be carried out. Hence, it pays when the consumer is constantly alert to the market trends on lawn mowers if that is a normal activity for homeowners.

There are always good bargains in town at different seasons. Many dealers could suddenly drop their prices to attract more sales especially if their bottom lines have not been highly favorable so far in the year. Consumers with a specific budget would find it very convenient to strike a good deal when a good bargain comes on.

Special purchasing programs executed by various mower companies offer consumers the flexibility of buying their preferred lawn mower readily in or out of season according to their immediate needs. Hence, there are attractive offers for regular customers with discount codes or savings coupons.

Not every consumer would be privileged to secure a mega sale on lawn mowers unless mower companies decide to take on a dynamic marketing stance with great discounts offered. Such marketing tactics may not include the latest mower models or popular units that are hot items in the market. Consumers may have to opt for a different model if mower companies are sly in their marketing tactics.

Many mower manufacturers and retailers could be under no pressure to move out current stock at the beginning of a season unless their current sales are below their business goals and objectives. Consumers need to be wary of attractive promotions on lawn mowers especially during seasonal sales as some units may have their prices marked up before a markdown. It could also be that the prices are not very much discounted on special holiday sales as marketers know the consumer behavior of impromptu buying during such seasons.

Nevertheless, the best discounts on lawn mower purchases tend to be at the end of summer when mower companies try to get rid of their old models to make way for new arrivals. Consumers may get a good deal at this time but the mower may not be actively used with winter close at hand.

Consumers’ Experiences

The best time to buy a lawn mower could be around mid-May when prices of various mower models could come down by their retailers. These could come with 30-day guarantees to give more benefits to the consumer.

However, the changing consumer behaviors could also change the seasonal calendar for lawn mower purchases as retailers are keen on optimal profit. Hence, spring may not be the best purchase season for lawn mowers as the consumer demand is higher. This would lead to winter sales which could offer lower prices if that is the primary reason for buying a lawn mower.

Different consumers would have different takes on the best seasons for lawn mower purchasing. Some may consider Black Friday for a great sale if they happen to bump into a sudden sale by that particular mower brand. Floor models could be given out at lower pricing if retailers do not want to waste a unit in their store.

The range of available or preferred mower models could be limited unless it is an urgent buy. Many consumers could also go with the availability of stock or model which changes the consumer preference and demand in the market. A riding mower could be preferred over a push model with EPA engine change to stay on track with ‘the Joneses’.

Some consumers may prefer a specific brand over price when it comes to buying a lawn mower while others are concerned about the features and power of the mowing device. A lawn mower unit should be useful to fit the consumer’s operational objectives.

Consumers could be lucky to strike a great purchase deal with all factors aligning to their benefit such as timely ‘death’ of their current unit to find a good deal immediately.

Choice of Mowers

The choice of lawn mowers preferred by experienced mower users would help the purchase process. Some consumers may prefer cordless lawn mowers while others prefer riding units with a higher budget allocation.

Some lawn mowers use rechargeable batteries powered by high-voltage lithium-ion batteries instead of gas-operated models. Consumers who are not perturbed by the cost of the lawn mower could have a field day buying their preferred unit at any time of the year. Those who are more concerned about functionality and power than the price would look at the market offers as and when they want to make a purchase.

These are intelligent consumers who know and want the best by making a good investment in mowers for the long term. These consumers are quickly satisfied when they can execute the mowing task professionally with little effort and they know that their purchase is a worthy investment in the long run.

The first impression on the choice mower unit could be the best time for consumers who are sourcing for a good mower. Many consumers are concerned about the quality of the mower unit from packaging to performance that would offer the best assurance on a personal level.

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Simply put, when the grass requires a desperate cut, that should be the best time to buy a lawn mower. Consumers should have no qualms about making a purchase when they are well-informed of the features and performance.


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