Lawn mowing in different seasons

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A beautiful lawn increases the beauty of the house no doubt about that. On the other hand, a neglected lawn would decrease the elegance of a house. Whenever we think of taking care of the lawn, we search for steps required to mow the lawn perfectly, we find ways to trim the edges, we look for various equipment and mowers for lawn-mowing, etc.

These are undoubtedly the most vital steps but besides these, we need to know one more important thing. That is the “perfect time for lawn mowing”. The nourishment of the lawn varies from season to season. Let us see how you will take care of your lawn in various seasons throughout the year.


The first thing that comes to our mind when we hear ‘summer’ is ‘hot’. The scorching heat of the sun can put your lawn at serious risk. The three most important things you must do to protect your lawn from the excess heat of the sun are:

1)Adequate watering

  • Watering the lawn properly throughout the year is of course needed. But watering becomes much more important during this season. Dry weather creates a scarcity of water or even a drought. So naturally your lawn gets dry too. Externally, you must provide an adequate amount of water to your lawn, especially during summer.
  •  Conservation becomes vital here. Well, there are some easy techniques for watering your lawn. You can use various types of water sprinklers like portable sprinklers, stationary, rotary, oscillating, impact, etc. You can keep a fountain or any sort of decorative water feature near your lawn.

2)Proper mowing and pest controlling – Again, we would like to remind you that no matter what other things you require, you need to mow your lawn properly without negligence. Mowing and trimming have to be perfect.

Another thing is pest control. You should inspect your yard regularly and check the colors of the grass. Check whether any pests have created damage to the yard.

3)Fertilizing – Your lawn needs proper fertilization during the summer season. Enough fertilization will give your lawn a natural bright look though you must fertilize throughout the year.


Fall or autumn reminds us all that winter is on its way. That means the fall of temperature and the shortening of days. Your lawn needs a different type of care this season.

Fertilization is not entirely new. It is equally important in every season. But why should you fertilize during autumn? The answer is simply ‘for the winter’. Why so? If you fertilize in autumn you would be able to provide a natural nutrient boost to the lawn and that can be stored and utilized during the dormancy period. Throughout the winter the roots will utilize the stored nutrients and keep growing and this will continue till spring.

Another thing that happens during autumn is the fall of leaves. Clean your lawn once a week. Aeration is effective in this part of the year. Autumn is a good season for controlling pests and grubs. Try to keep some evergreens, which can dry up during the winter, lively and filled with moisture. This is called winterizing.


Okay, we know it’s cold outside, but do not avoid your lawn. Your lawn needs great care now. The temperature begins to drop and reach at lowest level. Prune your trees in this season. Pruning will lead to the growth of new roots and fruits. One of the threats of winter is snow. When the winter will start to wind down and snow will vanish, the snow mold will threaten your yard.

As this fungus prefers the cold and chilly weather, you must fertilize and maintain your yard throughout the entire winter season. The use of special fungicides and good seedling strategies can help. You can use anti- desiccant which is a kind of foliage spray that moistens trees in cold weather. Enrich and enhance the health of your soil by adding organic supplements. Facilitate growth by yard fertilizers. Reseeding helps to thicken the thin areas of your lawn.


Many prefer summer, but Spring is also quite a fascinating season, isn’t it? Yes, it is but you have the greatest amount of work now. After winter, your lawn needs greater care. First, check- did your lawn develop any sorts of diseases like dead patches while facing the extremities during the winter season? Deal with problems like these and rejuvenate your yard. Things you must do during spring:

  1. Fertilizing – One of the most common things is fertilization. You have fertilized your lawn during the fall, but to make your grass thick and lush, fertilize again. Use a definite amount of fertilizer.
  2.  Mowing – Another common term is mowing. There can be no alternative to perfect mowing. The best time to start the mower again is spring.
  3.  Preventing weeds – Prevent weeds by landscaping. The perfect time to deal with crabgrass and pre-emergent is spring.
  4.  Measuring the pH level of soil – Figure out which compounds can help your yard to flourish. The correct pH level of soil can help you to keep your lawn fresh and healthy for a longer time.
Mow your lawn considering the weather, seasons, and climates. Your hard work of mowing and fertilizing your lawn will surely pay off if you can do this stuff in the right time.


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