Introducing different lawn striping and patterns (part 1)

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Lawn striping is one of the best ways of making your lawn look better and beautiful. Your lawn can now be the “envy of the neighborhood” if you can create eye–catching grass patterns. Tractors and mowers can create a beautiful lawn with perfect stripes and patterns.

Now the question is “How does it work?” there are some ways in which lawn striping works and what more can be done to increase this effect. The light and dark stripes that are seen in lawns or yards are caused when the sunlight reflects on the grasses. Those stripes that will be closer or forward to you are going to appear darker than those that will be away from you. For that, you will need full-width rollers to support the weight of the mower.

So, this article is the first of a series of articles that will focus on different lawn mowing patterns and how to do striping in the finest of ways. There will be more in the series, like mentioned earlier which will describe other striping and patterns for your lawn, but that is for a later time. Here we go!

Planning the grass pattern first

Before starting to work on the lawn, you can plan your patterns on a piece of paper so that while creating the designs you find it easier to execute. It is just a preliminary step and not that it will work exactly the way you want. But this will help you to create patterns in a better way.

Creating simple patterns and designs

The ultimate goal of striping the lawn is to make it look more beautiful and neat. Simple designs and patterns are easier than complex ones and it is better to go for simple ones first. You can first mow a straight line and keep it as a guide for the rest of the stripes. There are chances that one or more of the lines are crooked. But that can be solved easily. You just need to go back two lines before and start over.

Intensifying the lawn stripes

Bending the grass farther can intensify the lawn stripes. You need to bring the roller in contact with the grasses and press it to the ground. Well, this way is better than the other methods that just take the roller across the tips of the grass.  You need to keep the height or length of the grasses in mind because if you cut the grasses too short the stripes will lessen and as it would reflect less sunlight the stripes will be less vivid.

Mowing each line once

Mowing the lawn too much can create stress on the lawn. You can just disengage the mower and go back to the stripe to etch the patterns so that the lawn gets a smooth finish.

Watching at the time of mowing

While you are mowing you must watch where you are mowing. Mow parallel to the sidewalk or driveway. To keep the mowing straight you should keep the mower 10ft in front of you not the ground in front of the mower. To make a good smooth lawn you need to watch over it.

Selecting the basic line patterns

You should begin to mow by the perimeter of the lawn. The remaining property has to be mowed in the opposing direction. Now if you leave a “Y” turn at the end of each row, then there is less chance of damage while setting the mower to mow the other rows. Again if you mow over any type of pattern irregularities will vanish and the lawn will take a clean look.

Spraying some water

One of the tips to enhance the grass patterns is spraying a light mist of water on the grasses. The light will reflect the pattern and they will add contrast to the light and dark sections. This is prior to showing it off to guests.

Keeping the mower blades sharp

You must always care to keep the mower blades sharp. If you use dull blades there is a possibility that the grasses are torn and this will put stress on the lawn. Sharp blades will give a clean cut and make the lawn look smoother. Cutting more than 1/3 of the grass blade is not allowed. When the grass is under heat stress you should mow less.

Considering the grass type

As far as the lawn patterns are concerned, considering the grass type is one of the wisest things to do. The perfect patterns depend on the types of grass. Certain types of grass will bend more easily and will produce a better-striped pattern. There are some types of grass usually found in the southern regions of the USA that are difficult to handle because they are more rigid and hard to bend.

Selecting certain times of the day

There are times when the stripes will show up better since the angle of the sun tends to make them invisible. You must consider the sunlight and also the viewing points of the lawn while mowing.

Lastly, the most important thing is to mow your lawn with care and fun. Many people who are involved in this profession consider perfect lawn mowing to be a sign of quality. So work on your lawn with love and you are bound to get something good in return!


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