14 Ways of Lawn Mowing In the Least Possible Time

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Every person desires to have a lawn or a yard to keep their lawn healthy, clean, and disease-free. To keep the lawn in good condition one must water, mow, fertilize, aerate, and detach the lawn properly. Proper mowing helps to keep the lawn fresh and lively.

Mowing frequency determines how attractive and stupendous the lawn looks. So to keep a beautiful lawn one must also know the tactics and effective ways of lawn mowing. The best way to keep your lawn in an even and systematic way is to use a lawn mower effectively.

However, some people say that lawn mowing is tedious work that takes a lot of time to mow correctly. However, we beg to differ! Here are some of the fastest and easiest ways of mowing a lawn are mentioned as follows:

  1. Knowing the equipment – Before mowing a lawn, you have to know the equipment like mowers, “edgers”, and trimmers properly. You must go through the manual that comes along with the mower and other equipment. After knowing everything in detail, you can use the equipment on the lawn.
  2.  Knowing how to use a mower – It is vital to know how to use a mower. Banging the mower repeatedly against tree trunks can damage and restrict the growth of new trees.
  3.  Setting the mower at the highest preferred setting according to the grass type – It is very important to set the mower by the height of the grass. Properly mowed grass develops good roots and tends to become livelier and healthier. Setting the mower at the highest setting preferring the grass is useful.
  4.  Using sharp blades for the mower – It is required to keep the blades of the mower sharp and honed. Blunt blades can cause the grasses to tear up. Sometimes the grasses turn grey if sharp blades are not used.
  5.  Maintaining a definite height for the grasses – Cutting grass too short results in more weeds, fewer roots, reduced vigor, and many other problems. A definite height must be maintained. The lawn must be mowed in the range between 2 to 4 inches.
  6.  Leaving clippings on the grass – The technique of clipping the grasses until they form rows is called grasscycling. It helps to return nutrients and nitrogen to the lawn which makes the grasses healthy.
  7.  Mowing a dry lawn and varying the mowing pattern – If the lawn is mowed when wet, there is a chance for the mower to clog due to wet clippings. Brown spots can appear and the grasses will smother. So mowing a dry lawn is surely a wiser decision.
  8. Mowing the lawn regularly as per requirement – You have to keep in mind that a lawn should be mowed as per needs and requirements. If the lawn is not mowed frequently it will not take long to transform into a prairie. During the spring season, the lawn may require 2 days of mowing each week. In summer, one can mow every other week.
  9.  Ensuring that the edges are well trimmed – You need to check whether the grasses are well trimmed or not. If the edges are not trimmed properly the lawn will never look smooth and fine. If the edges are snipped first the mower will be able to pick up the mess created by the sniper making it look professional.
  10.  Mowing the lawn in the forward direction – While mowing you must keep in mind that the mower is moved or directed towards the forward direction. That gives a clean and good-looking lawn.
  11.  Overlapping and checking for missed spots – If the mowed portion of the lawn is overlapped then there remains less chance of missing any areas that need to be mowed and the lawn is undoubtedly mowed perfectly. After mowing you must check whether you have missed any spots or not.
  12.  Practicing good lawn mowing – It is certainly one of the truest things that practice makes a man perfect. In the case of effective lawn mowing, this concept is vital. If you tend to mow the lawn frequently with care and newer techniques, you are predicted to mow better than the others who practice less. It may seem difficult at first, but will slowly turn out to be one of the easiest works. The finishing will be awesome and it will save enough time too.
  13.  Striping the lawn – This technique of striping makes the lawn look professionally manicured. The lawn looks different with a cool design and pattern mostly like baseball fields or football fields.
  14.  Hiring a professional gardener – If possible, a professional gardener with enough instruments and equipment can be hired who will have appropriate mowing skills and perhaps a recognized qualification.

A nicely mowed lawn increases the beauty of a house. So it is a must to keep the lawn green, clean, and disease-free. Some techniques and skills can do the trick. And certainly, the above-listed 14 methods, no matter how basic they may seem to be, are some of the easiest and fastest ways to do your mowing. We would recommend that you apply those and you get to keep your lawn fresh, lively, elegant, and beautiful – all in the fastest possible time!


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